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Self-service laundry in Krakow
October 30, 2018

A laundry and a coffee house in one

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A laundry and a coffee house in one

Many young people in big cities are increasingly choosing small apartments with only basic furnishings and devices. A bed, a wardrobe, a coffee maker. This limitation stems from the fact that we spend most of our time away from home. A fast way of living means too little time to take care of the household duties. The choice of the minimalist interior simplifies life and allows us to avoid duties such as cleaning or cooking.

A self-service laundry is a convenient solution

More and more newly established housing estates are responding to the needs of the modern consumer. Following the example of the American market, we are introducing services that will make life easier for you. In Krakow, which is a large city inhabited by thousands of students and young people, solutions are created to make life easier for the residents. A self-service launderette, a cafeteria with access to the Internet and co-working spaces all combined in one. As if this venue came here straight from American films!

Do the laundry and eat breakfast

One of the innovative ideas is to combine a café with a laundry. Although for some such a duo may seem absurd, one visit is enough to convince you that this is a great idea. Why? Even the shortest washing programme lasts for some time. What can you do in an hour? Read a book, listen to music, talk over the phone… and now in Krakow, you can also eat a nutritious breakfast!

Using this type of public space also has one more advantage. It is an opportunity to meet many interesting people whose lifestyle is similar to yours. Eating and spending time together while waiting may turn into a long-standing and fruitful friendship.

Pleasure and usefulness in one

We like to make life easier in every possible way. The cafe and laundry in one place is a great opportunity to add some entertainment to the obligatory, simple but also boring duties. Imagine you start a laundry and in a minute you sit at a table with a cup of hot coffee prepared by a barista and sink into your favourite book. Or maybe you start a chat with a nice girl who, same as you, is new to the city and looks for a company?

In big cities, time flows very fast. Laundry Krakow is an ideal solution for the rushed or busy people who, in addition to refreshing clothing, are looking for a moment’s rest. Every minute is valuable. The combination of a cafe and a laundry, on the one hand, gives you the opportunity to stop, have some nice time and, on the other, allows you to fulfil your daily duties.

The world is running faster. We may disagree, but we are not able to stop this trend. Instead of opposing changes, let’s make most of them! By keeping an open mind we can see many interesting ideas and alternatives to diversify and brighten our daily duties. Since washing clothes can be interesting, inspiring and also delicious our choice is obvious. And yours?