Bread rolls

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  • Bread rolls

  • Franciszka's bread roll with roasted turkey thigh with peanut butter, sprouts and cranberries

    • 14,00 PLNPLN

    Baked turkey, peanut butter, sprouts, cranberry, arugula

  • A traditional with cold meat and cheese

    • 8,00 PLNPLN

    Cold meat, salami, cheese, tomato, cucumber, pepper, arugula, sprouts

  • With cottage cheese

    • 8,00 PLNPLN

    Cottage cheese, traditional cold meat, tomato, cucumber, arugula, radish, sprouts  

  • With fried eggs and grilled bacon

    • 10,00 PLNPLN

    Fried egg, grilled bacon, arugula

  • With baked tomato and pepper paste

    • 8,00 PLNPLN

    Paste, arugula, sunflower seeds

  • With goat cheese and roasted beetroot

    • 11,00 PLNPLN

    Goat cheese, roasted beetroot, arugula, sprouts

  • With hummus

    • 9,00 PLNPLN

    Hummus (to choose from: traditional or herbal with mint and nuts), lettuce, tomato 

  • With Camembert and red onion jam

    • 9,00 PLNPLN

    Camembert, red onion jam, arugula, sprouts

  • With chicken

    • 10,00 PLNPLN

    Chicken, arugula, tomato, sprouts