December 21, 2018
laundry krakow

Do the laundry in Krakow

Laundromat Krakow A self-service laundry is a distinct place. You can see it in various movies, series, and even music videos. Why a venue offering as mundane service as doing laundry became so recognisable in popular culture? Perhaps it is a matter of the unusual appearance of such places – glazed, lit with cool fluorescent light and equipped with endless rows of washing machines and dryers interior. It is possible that the presence of a relaxed atmosphere has to do with it. While waiting for the laundry, you can chat with friends, read a book or have a coffee. Regardless […]
December 21, 2018
breakfast krakow

Eat breakfast and do the laundry

You wish to go out and relax more, but need time to reconcile home duties with the busy rhythm of urban life? Well, then you came to the right place. Drop by a unique café-laundry. Here you can not only take care of the pieces of your wardrobe but also nicely spend the morning. Is a pile of clothes lying on a chair in the bedroom? Is the stock of clean t-shirts running out? Invite your friends for a great breakfast and wash your clothes in the meantime. Perhaps the idea sounds a bit strange but take a chance to […]
December 7, 2018

Best breakfasts in Krakow

Going out to eat is one of the better ways to spend time. You never know what will happen or who you will meet. You can encounter many interesting people especially if you are going out alone. Or are you just looking for an unusual place to spend a few moments alone? Then it is the best decision to go to Frania Cafe – preferably for breakfast. After all, you do not have to prepare it at home every day. You can make the morning meal special. Breakfast Krakow The surroundings in which we eat a meal is very important. […]
December 7, 2018
pralnia samoobsługowa

Self-service laundry in the Old Town

For various reasons, self-service laundries Krakow are becoming more and more popular. It sometimes happens that someone moves into a flat with no washing machine. Or there is a student who wishes to avoid the inconvenience associated with the use of common household appliances in a dorm. Different factors determine the choice of a particular laundry. Self-service laundry in Krakow One of the most important advantages that a self-service laundry can have is its location. For a laundrette, the city centre or student dormitories are the best neighbourhood. The laundry then is more available for those who are most likely […]