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A laundry and a coffee house in one
October 30, 2018
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Self-service laundry in the Old Town
December 7, 2018

Self-service laundry in Krakow

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Self-service laundry in Krakow

Everybody probably saw a similar scene in a film. A lonely person who spends the night in a big city, washing clothes in a laundromat; friends having a discussion near the laundry basket; people who get to know each other somewhere between detergents and machine drums filled with foam. In cinematic universe, a public laundry has become the symbol of a big city lifestyle. Some time ago, such places could be seen mainly in American films. Today, they appear in the centres of the Polish cities and close to the dorms or the universities. Why are self-service laundries becoming more and more popular?


Who most often visits self-service laundries?

It is hardly surprising that students are the major clientele of such places. This may stem from the general housing situation. If you look through the rental ads you will see that many rooms or apartments lack basic equipment such as a washing machine. Places like the Krakow Laundry are useful if you are looking for a comfortable and affordable solution.

Among the residents of the dorms, there are also people who prefer to go to a self-service laundry room rather than use the one available in the Student’s House. This situation is mainly related to the operative rules of the dorms. In most of them, you have to sign up for a specific day and hour to do the laundry. If for some reason you miss your time, you will also lose the opportunity to wash your clothes. A dynamic way of life, including studies (sometimes two degree courses at once), work and social life may make the choosing the washing time and meeting the deadline difficult.

In the case of the self-service laundries, the problem of timing does not exist. We have total freedom in choosing the date and hour; the only limitation is the opening hours. Sometimes even this is not an issue, as in the big cities there are laundries open round the clock. However, not only students are eager to visit places such as the Krakow self-service laundry. Clientele includes people in a hurry or the ones who want to gain time by quickly washing and drying the specific clothing that they will need soon.

What do we expect from self-service laundries?

The first reason is obvious: we come there to do the laundry. A large number of washing machines and dryers ensure that there will be no need to be stuck in long queues. An articulate operating manual is also expected to be there. Clear instructions and markings ensure that during the first visit you will quickly learn how to choose a programme and start a washing machine or dryer. In addition to these basic things, there can be a few additional amenities that will make a visit to a public laundry a pleasant experience for the customers.

While awaiting the programme completion, we can use a free Wi-Fi and have an access to a vending machine with snacks or drinks. But there can be even more. There are places that besides the possibility of doing laundry, also offer you an option for having some delicious, healthy food and drinks at a comfortable seating area. As a result, doing laundry is no longer just about restoring clothes to freshness. Nowadays it is becoming a social activity, an opportunity to immerse in your favourite book or eat a good breakfast. Does this mean that it will soon become popular to meet with friends for a laundry and a coffee? Some venues, such as Krakow dry cleaning, are already offering this possibility. The remaining points offer just a cheap, quick washing with no additional amenities.